TLex Suite 2010: Dictionary Production Software

High-quality linguistic content manager


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Tlex Suite 2010: Dictionary Production Software is a combination of tools designed to manage linguistic content. It allows you to compile dictionaries, work on and edit the entries of any dictionary, and even create your own from scratch.

Some of the most famous entities that use this product include Oxford University Press, the Royal National Academy of Medicine (Spain), the Clarín Group (Argentina), the Welsh Language Board, the Department de Justice (Canada), the Malaysian Institute of Language and Literature, and the Institute for Dutch Lexicology (The Netherlands).

This gives you a good idea of the level at which the program works; in fact the quality and quantity of its features may be overwhelming to any user who hasn't previously worked with language-use software.

TLex Suite 2010: Dictionary Production Software is a comprehensive tool whose use is probably outside the needs of most users. But if you're ready and willing, you can steel yourself in front of its powerful interface and get to work.
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